iKlear 2 oz. iPad & iPhone Cleaning Kit - 3 Pack

$ 22.95

Our iKlear 2 oz. iPad & iPhone Cleaning Kit cleans and preserves all Apple Retina & Oleophobic coated surfaces as well as Multi-Touch and Flat Panel Displays.

Our exclusive iKlear formula and unique DMT microfiber cloth helps remove debris and particles, while safely cleaning smudges and oily fingerprints from your Apple Retina and Multi-Touch displays. It produces a renewable, anti-static finish, which resists fingerprints and reduces the attraction of dust and other air particulates. Travel singles are a simple, convenient alternative to our spray formula. The Wet/Dry pouches easily tuck away in a shirt pocket or backpack, ready to clean your electronic devices...whenever you desire.

Each Package Contains:

(1) 2 oz. iKlear Spray Bottle (TSA size)
(1) Medium Size - Unique DMT Microfiber Cloth
(3) iKlear Travel Singles (Step 1 Wet/Step 2 Dry)
(1) Bilingual Instruction Guide

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