Microfiber Germ Fighting Properties
Microfiber, Microbes and Spores

Cleaning with microfiber cloths reduces bacteria by 99.0% (UC Davis Health). Studies by UC Davis Medical Center and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation show that using microfiber cloth eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria, microbes and spores. Download copies of this academic literature here. [UC Davis Health] [California DPR]

The iKlear and Klear Screen cleaning solution does not contain any antibacterial properties. Our cleaning solution is engineered to protect plastic and glass by reducing grazing. iKlear and Klear Screen cleaning fluid is non-toxic and safe to use on all hard shiny surfaces. Using our cleaning fluid with microfiber towels may eliminate 99% of harmful bacteria, microbes and spores without damaging your computer screen, high definition displays, tablets or acrylic displays.

Machine or hand wash microfiber cloths with liquid soap and warm water to kill the germs and microbes. Do not use fabric softener on microfiber towels. Air or machine dry the microfiber on low temperature. Best results are obtained by air drying so that lint and other contaminants are not transferred from the drier to your microfiber cloth.

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