Klear Screen Dell Kit and Dell Travel Singles Combo Pack

$ 24.95

This Klear Screen Dell Kit and Travel Singles Combination is the ideal solution for cleaning your Dell™ Laptop anywhere and at anytime. Carry a few Dell Travel Singles and our Travel Size unique DMT Microfiber Cloth in your Laptop bag and you are set for all your LCD display cleaning needs or use our compact 2 oz. Spray Bottle and a unique DMT Cloth which is designed to eliminate up to 99.0% of the debris and particles inside the cloth after cleaning a surface.

Package Contains:

(1) 2 oz. Klear Screen Spray Bottle
(1) Large Microfiber "Chamois" Cloth 
(3) Travel Size Unique DMT Microfiber Cloths
(20) Dell Travel Singles (Step 1 Wet)
(6) Bonus Travel Singles

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